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MIL-C-5015 AEC5015 Commercial Series
These connectors are environmentally resistant, general duty circular multi-pin connectors designed for harsh conditions. They meet the Military Specification for the connection of electrical systems and electronic devices in military and commercial aircraft. Currently, 5015 Series connectors are used in a wide range of general industrial applications.
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MIL-C-26482 AEC26482 Commercial Series
AEC26482 Commercial Series connectors are general-purpose, environmentally-resistant miniature circular connectors. They are qualified for use in industrial applications with a bayonet coupling for rapid positive mating and unmating of the connector.
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MIL-C-22992 AEC22992 Commercial Series
Amerline’s heavy duty connectors are the largest size cylindricals. Designed to meet the demands of heavy power interconnections, they are highly suitable for industrial or military applications. Amerline's heavy duty connectors are manufactured of high strength aluminum allowing them to withstand the high impact required for harsh environments.
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VG95234 VG95234 Commercial Series
This highly reliable connector series is an improvement on the well established 5015 type. The VG95234 series has a proven bayonet coupling design that offers exceptional anti-vibration characteristics. Environmental sealing against fluid and easy connection/disconnection are additional benefits. Connectors in accordance with VG95234 are interchangeable with the corresponding 5015 connector.
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Ordnance Connectors Ordnance Connectors
Amerline’s Ordnance connectors are circular solder contact connectors originally designed for tanks and armored vehicles. We carry an extensive inventory of Ordnance connector components to allow us to assemble a broad range of military part numbers. Amerline supplies new connectors built-to-order, not surplus connectors. These connectors are for use in electronic, electrical power, and control circuit applications.
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Power Connectors Power Connectors
Amerline specializes in intervehicular electrical connectors used between prime movers, trailers, and towed artililery (STANAG 4007). These include both military 12 pin receptacles (MS75021) and rubber molded plugs (MS75020).
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NATO Connectors NATO Connectors
Mating Connector & U.S. Army Ordnance
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