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MIL Spec. MS90555 MS90556 MS90557 MS90558
Amerline AEC90555 AEC90556 AEC90557 AEC90558
Part Number Explanation
Mil-C-5015 Part Number Explanation
Shell Aluminum alloy with olive drab chromate coating over cadmium plating
Insulator Synthetic rubber
Contacts Copper alloy with silver plating
Shell Finish C - conductive / N - nonconductive
Shell Style
MS No. Description
AEC90555 Wall mounting receptacle
AEC90556 Straight plug
AEC90557 Cable connecting receptacle without coupling ring
AEC90558 Wall mounting plug with coupling ring
Current Rating
Shell Size Size 28 Size 32 Size 44 Size 52
Current Rating(Amperes) 40A 60A 100 A 200 A