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Normal Rotate W Rotate X Rotate Y Rotate Z
Normal Rotate W Rotate X Rotate Y Rotate Z
AEC22992 Class L
Alternate Insert Positions
Arrangement Number Insert Rotation (degrees from normal position)
Normal DC or 60Hz Alternate 400Hz
28-12, -13 180°
32-04, -05 90°
32-12, -13 180°
44-02, -03
44-12, -13
44-50, -51, -52, -56 60°
52-12, -13 300°
• To Avoid cross-plugging problems in applications requiring the use of more than one connector of the same size and arrangement, alternate insert rotations are available as indicated in the accompanying chart. • AEC90555C32412SY...
means alternate Y rotation

• As shown in the diagram above, the front face of the pin insert is rotated within the shell in a clockwise direction from the normal shell key.
• Views looking into front of pin insert or rear of socket insert

• The socket insert would be rotated counterclockwise the same number of degrees in respect to the normal shell key.