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MIL Spec. MS3100 MS3101 MS3102 MS3106 MS3108
Amerline AEC3100 AEC3101 AEC3102 AEC3106 AEC3108
Part Number Explanation
Mil-C-5015 Part Number Explanation
Prefix Contact Type Alternate Insert Position
AEC (Amerline Enterprises Co.) P = Pin/Male contacts Blank (Normal),
MS (Military Standard) S = Socket/Female contacts W, X, Y, Z
Shell Aluminum alloy, olive drab chromate coating over cadmium or zinc plating
Insulator Synthetic rubber
Contacts Copper alloy, Silver Plated
Shell Style
Style Description Class
AEC3100 Wall mounting receptacle A, E/F, R
AEC3101 Cable connecting plug A, E/F, R
AEC3102 Box mounting receptacle A, B, E/R
AEC3106 Straight plug A, B, E/F, R
AEC3108 90° angle plug A, B, E/F, R
AEC25183 Potting seal plug
Class Description
A Solid Shell. Solder contacts & non-pressurized
B Split Shell. Solder contacts & non-pressurized
E/F Environmental with resilient insulators and integral cable clamp
R Environmental with resilient insulators and shortened light-weight endbell : also additional sealing with O-ring seal under coupling nut in shell style 3106 and 3108
Insulating Resistance 5,000㏁ Min (at 25℃)
Operating Temperature -55℃ to 125℃
Durability 500 Cycle Connection/Disconnection
Environmental Test Data
Operating Temperature -55℃ ~ +125℃
Vibration MIL-STD-1344 Method 2005 / 10 ~ 500㎐ (10G)
Shock 50G / Time:11±1μs / Test current: 100㎃
Salt Spray MIL-STD-1344 Method 1001 / Salt solution:5%/48Hours
Humidity Relative Humidity: 95%±3% / Temperature: 71℃±2℃ / 14Days
Mil-C-5015 Composition