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Part Number Explanation : Standard
Mil-C-5015 Part Number Explanation
Part Number Explanation : Speciality
Mil-C-5015 Part Number Explanation
Shell Aluminum alloy with olive drab chromate coating over cadmium plating
Insulator Grommet Synthetic rubber
Contacts Copper alloy with silver plating
Ambient Temperature -55℃ to 125℃
Safety Provision 1P 67 according to DIN 40050 (1bar pressure after 12 hrs.)
Vibration Test 200㎨ (10~2000Hz)
Mating Life 500 cycles minimum
Electronic Features
Insulation Resistance -DC500V / 1000㏁ min
Test Voltage
Service Rating Test Voltage (Vrms)
Instruments 1050
A 1600
B 4000
D 2500
E 3000
Classification Description
00 Wall mounting receptacle
01 Cable connecting plug
02 Box monting receptacle
05 Dummy receptacle for panel mounting
06 Plug, Straight
08 Plug, 90° angular
07A Jam nut receptacle
07G Jam nut receptacle with RFI / EMI shielded coil within shell
070A Jam nut receptacle with rear threaded for accessories
070G Jam nut receptacle with RFI / EMI shielded coil within shell and rear threaded for accessories
TB Thru-Bulkhead receptacle
Classification Description
E Environmental connector with resilient insulators and endbell of clamp and bushing
F Environmental connector with resilient insulators and endbell for flex tube
00EP-TLxx Tinel-lock adapter
06EW-TLxx Tinel-lock adapter
00EP-ZLxx Zetlock adapter
06EW-ZLxx Zetlock adapter
Contact Type
P Pin contact
S Socket contact
PS Pin at one side with socket on the side (only for TB)
Classification Description
02 Adapter for shrinkable boots, AWG crimp contact
05 Flage with thru-holes for rear mounting (AECB00, 02E, TB)
08 90° angle shell with threaded holes in flange (AECB00)
09 90° angle shell with thru-holes in flange (AECB00)
15 Endbell for shielded cables and heat shrinkable boots, AWG crimp contacts
109 Flange with threaded holes for rear panel mounting (for receptacle only)
F80 AWG receptacle contacts