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Power Your Applications with Circular Connectors You Can Depend On

Have applications that require circular connectors? Get the technically sound circular connectors and accessories you need — delivered to you in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost.

That’s the Amerline advantage.

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Amerline Connector Products —
Where Quality and Service Meet

Amerline is proud to manufacture and supply world-class circular connectors to customers across various industries. Our components provide high-reliability connections with robust housing, ensuring they are sealed against moisture and chemicals. Whether you’re experiencing quality, pricing, or lead time issues, you can depend on our products to bridge the gap between problem and solution.

Proudly Providing Connectors For:

An All-In-One Supplier for Stock and Custom Connector Solutions

When the dynamics of your industrial or commercial application change, off-the-shelf circular connector solutions may no longer get the job done. Amerline offers a wide range of connector solutions to make this transition easy. Whether you’re in the market for a fully customized solution or need the added protection of overmolding, we’ll bring your ideal custom connector to life — without the cost of large minimum volumes.


Rigorous Testing

Interchangeable with military-style connectors, our circular connectors are tested to endure the harshest conditions, including impact, shock, and vibration.

High-Quality Finish

While protecting the connectors’ foundational materials, a scratch-resistant finish adds to their visual appeal. Additionally, these connectors provide robust housings and strain relief to help withstand impact, shock, and vibration, preventing damage to connection points in industrial machinery.

Fast Lead Times

With expedited delivery options available, we’re able to get parts over to customers faster than the competition.

Cost-Effective Pricing

The way we design and manufacture our connectors lends itself to pricing that’s often 20-40% less than competitors.


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