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AEC 26482
Commercial Series

Amerline's AEC 26482 commercial series of connectors are general-purpose, miniature circular connectors that are environmentally resistant. These styles of connectors are qualified for use in industrial and business applications with a bayonet coupling for rapid positive mating and unmating of the connector.

amerline aec 26482 commercial connectors photo

AEC 26482 Products

AEC 3110
Wall Mounting Receptacle

amerline 26482 aec 3110 wall mounting receptacle product front

AEC 3111
Cable Connecting Plug

amerline 26482 aec 3111 cable connecting plug side

AEC 3112
Box Mounting Receptacle

amerline commercial 26482 aec 3112 box mounting receptacle chrome front 1

AEC 3114
Jam Nut Receptacle


AEC 3116
Straight Plug


AEC 3115
Dummy Receptacle


AEC 3180
Protective Cap for Plugs


AEC 3181
Protective Cap for Receptacles


7 Most Frequently Asked Questions About AEC 26482 Series Connectors

What is the 26482 Series I connector?

AEC 26482 is a miniature, circular connector with quick disconnect bayonet coupling. It is widely used on applications requiring a general-purpose, miniature cylindrical bayonet connector.

What are typical applications for 26482 Series I connectors?

The AEC 26482 series connectors are used in automation, sensors, measuring equipment, aerospace applications, defense and transportation sectors.

What are the environmental ratings for the 26482 Series connectors?

AEC 26482 series connectors have an operating temperature range of -67 F (-55C) to +257F (+125C). The vibration resistance is 10 to 2000Hz (15g) 10 microseconds maximum discontinuity. Salt spray rating is 48 hours at environmental temperature (Cadmium Olive Drab) and 500 hours at environmental temperature (Electro-deposited Olive Drab / Black RoHS plating).

What are the advantages of using AEC 26482 Series I connectors over other connector types?

AEC 26482 Series connectors are highly reliable, quality interconnect solutions. They transmit higher signal rates, wider bandwidth and connectivity in a small footprint. They have a proven reliability, ruggedness and compatibility with military standards.

What is the difference between 26482 Series I and Series II?

Series I connectors offer solder contacts, are scoop proof and have bayonet coupling. Series 2 connectors offer removable crimp contacts and are intermateable with the equivalent series I connectors. 

Are AEC 26482 Series I connectors available in different shell sizes and contact arrangements?

There are a variety of options available for AEC 26482 Series I connectors. When purchased from Amerline, they can even be customized to suit specific application requirements. Available from shell size 8 to size 24, there are multiple insert arrangements and alternate positions to select from. 

Where can I purchase AEC 26482 Series I connectors, and what are the typical lead times?

AEC 26482 connectors may be purchased directly from Amerline or from any of our authorized distributors. Standard lead times are 16-18 weeks but may be expedited to 3-4 weeks.


AEC 26482 Commercial Series