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High-quality, dependable connectors that are interchangeable with military-style connectors. Designed for severe environments, power demands, and size constraints.

AEC 02 – Reverse Bayonet Box Mounting Receptacle
AEC 02 – Reverse Bayonet
Box Mounting Receptacle

What's Included in Our AEC Connector Series

Our AEC connector series features a mix of general-duty and heavy-duty circular connectors that are manufactured with reliable environmental resistance. Browse our available options below.


AEC 5015 Series


AEC 26482 Series

AEC 95234 Series

AEC 22992 Series

AEC 22992 Series

Circular Connectors Built for a Variety of Industries

Available in a variety of designs and configurations, Amerline's AEC connectors are virtually limitless in their applications. These connectors can be used everywhere from the electronic devices that help power military vehicles and commercial aircraft to the electrical systems that enable the operations of welding and medical equipment.


Rigorous Testing

Interchangeable with military-style connectors, our circular connectors are tested to endure the harshest conditions.


High-Quality Finish

While protecting the connectors’ foundational materials, a scratch-resistant finish adds to their visual appeal.


Fast Lead Times

With expedited delivery options available, we’re able to get parts over to customers faster than the competition.


Cost-Effective Pricing

The way we design and manufacture our connectors lends itself to pricing that’s often 20-40% less than competitors.

The Amerline Promise

All of our products are backed by a commitment to quality, delivery, and service. We ensure the delivery of high-quality products on time when your critical application demands it.

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