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AEC 5015 Commercial Connector Series

Environmentally-resistant, Amerline's AEC 5015 series connectors are general-duty, circular multi-pin connectors designed for harsh conditions. This style of connector meets the military specification for the connection of electrical systems and electronic devices in military and commercial aircraft. Currently, AEC 5015 series connectors are used in a wide range of industrial applications as well as military applications where commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) connectors can be used.

5015 connector and mil-dtl-5015 commercial series

AEC 5015 Products

AEC 3100
Wall Mounting Receptacle


AEC 3101
Cable Connecting Plug


AEC 3102
Box Mounting Receptacle


AEC 3106
Straight Plug


AEC 3108
90° Angle Plug


AEC 3057-A
Cable Clamp with Rubber Bushing


AEC 25042
Protective Cap for Plugs


AEC 25043
Protective Cap for Receptacles


AEC 5015 Commercial Series

6 Most Frequently Asked Questions About AEC 5015 Series Connectors

What is a 3100 shell style designate?

A 3100 shell style is a wall mounting receptacle. A wall mount is a standard receptacle with a flange for front or rear mounting through a panel or bulkhead and includes accessory threads to accept a backshell. 

What is the test current in (Amps) for a contact size 16?

The current rating at 68 degrees F (+20C) is 13 Amps.

What are the materials and finishes available for Series 5015 shells and endbells?

The shell and endbell material is aluminum alloy. The insulator, gasket and grommet are produced from synthetic rubber.  The contacts are copper alloy with silver plating. Shell and endbell plating options are Olive Drab over Zinc, Black Zinc, Electro-deposited Black (RoHS) (meets 500hrs salt spray test), Black trivalent chromate over zinc plating, Electroless Nickel, Nickel, and Electro-deposited Olive Drab (RoHS) (meets 500hrs salt spray test).

What is the mating durability of the AEC 5015 connectors?

The durability is 100 cycles of mating / unmating operations to MIL-DTL-5015, 3.16.

What does the “OR” finish mean?

“OR” designates our Electro-deposited Olive Drab (RoHS) 500-hour salt spray test.

What is the vibration rating for the AEC 5015 series of connectors?

The vibration rating has been tested to 10 to 2000 Hz (10G units) 10 microseconds maximum discontinuity to MIL-STD-1344 Method 2005 condition II per MIL-DTL-5015.