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Connector Kit 12 AWG Male

The MS27143-1 is an ozone-resistant rubber shell connector that is also called a “Packard” connector. These connectors are made for 12 AWG stranded copper wire. Designed for use on many military vehicles, these connectors are also suitable for custom projects that require good, solid waterproof connections. This 12 AWG connector is often used on a main power feed to a military vehicle's control panel, circuit breakers and dashboard switches. NSN: 5935-00-114-0607
MS27143-1 Connector Kit Male
MS27143-1 Connector Kit Male
MS Single Wire Connector's National Stock Reference Number
  • Ordnance Part Number
  • Description
  • National Stock Number
  • Ordnance Part Number MS27143-1
  • Description 12 GA Male connector kit
  • National Stock Number 5935-00-114-0607

MS Single Wire Waterproof Connectors

Custom design options available

While stock connectors fulfill the needs of many applications, there are many cases where custom-designed solutions are the most suitable option. We bring stock and custom connectors under one convenient roof so we can serve any need, with quality and efficiency ensured.