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NATO Rubber Grommet, Size 28-51

NSN 5365-00-090-5426

7722333 is a size 28 rubber military grommet for 12 contact NATO receptacle connectors MS75021-1 and MS75021-2. It seals the back end of military truck receptacles and military light switches. It is used with grommet nut 7723309 (sold separately).

7722333 NATO Rubber Grommet, Size 28-51
7722333 NATO Rubber Grommet, Size 28-51
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  • Mating Connector
  • Manufacturer AMERLINE®
  • Part Number 7722333
  • Mating Connector -
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Rubber Grommet for MS75021-1 & MS75021-2
MS75021-1 MS75021-2_99
MS75021-1 or MS75021-2
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