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AEC 90555 Wall Mounting Receptacle
(Commercial Version of the MS90555)

The AEC 90555 is a commercial version of the MS90555 connector. It is a high-power receptacle with a four-hole flange for mounting on the power source of 22992, Class L applications. It features a mounting gasket and dust cover is included for additional reliability.

AEC 90555-2
Cross Reference / Compatibility Details
  • Manufacturer
  • Part Number
  • Mating Connector
  • Manufacturer AMERLINE®
  • Part Number AEC90555
  • Mating Connector AEC90556
  • Manufacturer MIL-DTL-22992
  • Part Number MS90555
  • Mating Connector MS90556
  • Manufacturer Amphenol
  • Part Number MS90555
  • Mating Connector MS90556
  • Manufacturer COOPER Interconnect
  • Part Number GCL55
  • Mating Connector GCL56
  • Manufacturer Robert Technologies
  • Part Number RT90555
  • Mating Connector RT90556
  • Manufacturer UEC
  • Part Number UEC90555
  • Mating Connector UEC90556
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AEC 22992 Commercial Series

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