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AEC 22992 Alternate Insert Positions

Alternate insert positions prevent mismating of identical AEC 22992 connectors. 
Normal Rotate W Rotate X Rotate Y Rotate Z
Normal Rotate W Rotate X Rotate Y Rotate Z


AEC 22992 Class L Alternate Insert Positions

Arrangement Number Insert Rotation (degrees from normal position)
Normal DC or 60Hz Alternate 400Hz
28-12, -13     180°  
32-04, -05   90°    
32-12, -13     180°  
44-02, -03        
44-12, -13        
44-50, -51, -52, -56       60°
52-12, -13 300°      

Diagram notes

To Avoid cross-plugging problems in applications requiring the use of more than one connector of the same size and arrangement, alternate insert rotations are available as indicated in the accompanying chart.

means alternate Y rotation

As shown in the diagram above, the front face of the pin insert is rotated within the shell in a clockwise direction from the normal shell key.

Views looking into front of pin insert or rear of socket insert

The socket insert would be rotated counterclockwise the same number of degrees in respect to the normal shell key.