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Inter-vehicle Power Cable & Plug Assembly

The standard NATO receptacle (P/N 11674728) is installed on US Military Vehicles, generators, and support equipment.

Besides “Jump-Starting” the slave cable is used to access power from the vehicle 24-volt battery set.

Cross Reference / Compatibility Details
  • Plug Assembly Part Number
  • Cable Assembly Part Number
  • Part Number “L” IN
  • Plug Assembly Part Number 11682336-1
  • Cable Assembly Part Number 11682337-1
  • Part Number “L” IN 240
  • Plug Assembly Part Number 11682336-2
  • Cable Assembly Part Number 11682337-2
  • Part Number “L” IN 600
  • Plug Assembly Part Number 11682336-3
  • Cable Assembly Part Number 11682337-3
  • Part Number “L” IN 72
  • Plug Assembly Part Number 11682336-4
  • Cable Assembly Part Number 11682337-4
  • Part Number “L” IN 144
  • Plug Assembly Part Number 11682336-5
  • Cable Assembly Part Number 11682337-5
  • Part Number “L” IN 900
  • Plug Assembly Part Number 11682336-6
  • Cable Assembly Part Number 11682337-6
  • Part Number “L” IN 420

Mating Connectors:

11674728, 11682345, 11682350, 11677570, MS52131-1


Plug Assembly 11682336 Diagram


Cable Assembly 11682337 Diagram


NATO Connector Products

Additional Military and Commercial Connector Options

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