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Frequently Asked Questions

No matter where you are in the evaluation or use of our connectors, questions are bound to arise.  Here are the most common questions we field, with answers to guide you down the optimal path and offer insights into how Amerline can support your efforts.

What tooling do you recommend for crimping MS Single Wire series terminals?

For crimping AA52536-1, AA52536-2, and AA52536-3 terminals, we recommend the following hand tool and die set from Daniels Manufacturing Corporation (DMC):
Hand Tool: AF8; Die Set: TP529

For crimping the 8338564 terminal, we recommend the following hand tool and die set from DMC:
Hand Tool: HX4; Die Set: Y627S

What are your standard lead times for AEC series connectors?

Lead times are currently 24 weeks; however, with an expedite fee, lead times can be shortened to three to four weeks.

What are the most common plating finishes for AEC series connectors?

Provided that conductivity is not required, our 500-hr salt spray black electro-deposited RoHS finish (BR) and our olive drab electro-deposited RoHS finish (OR) are the most requested finishes.

Are connectors available from stock?

When an Amerline customer places a blanket order, we will maintain a stock of finished goods against that purchase order.

Are the AEC series connectors Mil-Spec?

Our AEC series connector lines are commercial equivalents to military standards. They are designed and tested in accordance with the most critical requirements.

Does Amerline comply with the DFARS 252.225-7007 Prohibition on Acquisition of Certain Items from Communist Chinese Military Companies?

Yes, none of Amerline's products are sourced from China. This allows us to comply with the DFARS 252.225-7007 prohibition for military customers and other customers that need to meet this regulation. It also gives us a way to work around global sourcing issues and keep production schedules cost-effective and on track.

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