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AEC 3057-A Cable Clamp with Rubber Bushing
(Commercial Version of the MS3057)

The AEC 3057 is a commercial version of the MS3057 clamp. The industrial cable clamp with rubber bushing is meant for use with 5015 Series connectors. Rubber bushing allows for use with an unjacketed cable or wire. Bushing can also be used as a reducing bushing. Cable or wire should be centered in the jaws of the clamp for maximum grip. 

Cross Reference / Compatibility Details
  • Manufacturer
  • Part Number
  • Mating Connector
  • Manufacturer AMERLINE®
  • Part Number AEC3057-A
  • Mating Connector AEC3100, AEC3101, AEC3106, AEC3108
  • Manufacturer MIL-DTL-5015
  • Part Number MS3057-A with Bushing (MS3420)
  • Mating Connector MS3100, MS3101, MS3106, MS3108
  • Manufacturer Amphenol 97
  • Part Number 97-3057 with Sleeve (9779)
  • Mating Connector 97-3100, 97-3101, 97-3106, 97-3108, 97-4100, 97-4101, 97-4106, 97-4108
  • Manufacturer Amphenol AC
  • Part Number 97-3057 with Sleeve (9779)
  • Mating Connector ACS00, ACS01, ACS06, ACS08, ACC00, ACC01, ACC06, ACC08
  • Manufacturer Amphenol AMS
  • Part Number 97-3057 with Sleeve (9779)
  • Mating Connector AMS3100, AMS3101, AMS3106, AMS3108
  • Manufacturer DDK
  • Part Number DMS3057
  • Mating Connector DMS3100, DMS3101, DMS3106, DMS3108
  • Manufacturer ITT Cannon CA
  • Part Number CA3108
  • Mating Connector CA3100, CA3101, CA3106, CA17711
  • Manufacturer ITT Cannon CT
  • Part Number MS3057-A
  • Mating Connector CT0, CT1, CT6, CT6T
  • Manufacturer ITT Cannon CA-COM
  • Mating Connector CA00COM, CA01COM, CA06COM, CA08COM
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AEC 5015 Commercial Series

Custom design options available

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