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Amerline Partners with AM General LLC on the New JLTV A2 Program

Schiller Park, IL — May 30, 2024 — Amerline is proud to announce a supplier partnership with AM General LLC to deliver the next advancement in warfighting mobility with the JLTV A2 program.

About the JLTV A2 Program

The Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) program supports the next generation of military operations. Backed by the goal of empowering excellence and reducing lifecycle costs, AM General is producing a new line of vehicles equipped with technical enhancements that go beyond standard requirements.

Some of the key changes with the JLTV A2 program include:

  • A 24 volt lithium ion battery that supports a simplified electrical architecture
  • A modular base integration kit that provides additional cargo storage space
  • Noise reduction improvements for operators inside and outside the vehicles
  • The 2024 L5P Duramax engine, which delivers greater fuel efficiency to reduce costs
  • Improved corrosion protection that exceeds the traditional 30-year corrosion requirement

Amerline Is Proud to Support the JLTV A2 Program

Amerline’s partnership with AM General started in 1983 with the HUMVEE light tactical vehicle. AM General has manufactured over 300,000 vehicles, with Amerline supporting the production.

As a supplier partner of the JLTV A2 program, Amerline looks forward to continuing this valued partnership with AM General and being part of the future of warfighter mobility.

“Being selected as a supplier for AM General’s JLTV A2 program is not just an honor — it’s a testament to Amerline’s hard work, expertise and dedication,” noted Tom Krepelka, Amerline’s VP of Sales.

“We’re proud to provide top-tier solutions for the defense industry and are excited by the high level of trust that AM General — a renowned name in the defense sector — has placed in us. As a team, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality products and the successful delivery of the JLTV A2 for Sergeant Smith’s mission success.”
Tom Krepelka

About Amerline

Amerline is a manufacturer and supplier of world-class circular connectors. Since 1980, Amerline has provided customers with durable, reliable connector solutions to power their operations — applying military standards to industrial and commercial use cases. Top-quality, competitive pricing and fast lead times have made Amerline a leader in the circular connector industry.

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