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Applications of the AEC 3111 Cable Connecting Plug

As part of Amerline’s 26482 commercial series, the AEC 3111 cable connecting plug is an environmentally resistant connector qualified for use in industrial and commercial applications. A key use of this commercial drop-in equivalent to the MS3111 is extension cord applications.

The AEC 3111 & Extension Cord Applications

In some cases, customers realize they need to extend the cable’s length. The AEC 3111, an in-line cable connector plug, allows customers to extend reach and provide optimal length for the specific application.

While enabling efficient cable length, the AEC 3111 features a durable connector design built for harsh environments. When a cable inevitably gets dropped and hits the floor — as is the case in extension cord applications — you want the design to be as robust and durable as possible. With rounded corners and a reduced flange, the AEC 3111 can withstand impact and ensure parts don’t break off and the cable fails.

Another Use Case: When Equipment Boxes Aren’t Accessible

In other cases, customers may need to establish connections in locations with limited access to equipment boxes. While adjustments in cable length can sometimes alleviate this issue, these restrictions often relate to physical obstacles such as confined spaces.

The AEC 3111 cable connecting plug offers support in both respects. Along with their flexibility in customizing cable lengths, the AEC 3111 has a compact size, allowing it to better accommodate tight spaces.

More About the AEC 26482 Connector Series

The AEC 26482 connector series is made up of miniature circular connectors that feature quick disconnect bayonet coupling. These types of connectors are widely used in automation, sensors and measuring equipment, along with other industry applications.

Connectors in the AEC 26482 series are recognized for their proven reliability, ruggedness and compatibility with military standards. Their ability to transmit higher signal rates, wider bandwidth and connectivity in a small footprint makes them a popular choice as a commercial drop-in equivalent to MIL-SPEC connectors.

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