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Attention Material / Purchasing Manager Engineers

We are Amerline Enterprises, celebrating 40 years of successful international experience in the electrical connector OEM market.  Growth for us has come at the expense of billion-dollar companies such as Amphenol, ITT Cannon, and Souriau. They’re taking notice, with Amerline being recently acknowledged by Amphenol as one of its “key competitors”.

In these dire times, we are here to assist in your efforts to regain profitability and increase your market share, whether you compete in the commercial / industrial or military industry. Amerline specializes in supporting diverse companies and we have provided an advantage to our customers that have selectively switched to Amerline connectors and accessories as a smart alternative source of supply.

Isn’t it time to challenge your supply chain to determine if Amerline, a proven and customer dedicated manufacturer can lower your component costs, warranty exposure, and to improve lead times which would reduce inventory levels without sacrificing the necessary highest quality levels?  We will work with your engineering team to assist them in their application process and provide no charge samples for their validation testing.

Allow us the opportunity to deliver positive results for you.