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Timely Delivery of Connectors Helps Industrial Cleaning Equipment Provider Launch New Product On Time

As a leading provider of waterjet tools and industrial equipment for cleaning, StoneAge manufactured and supplied lever-style, pneumatic equipment for a number of years. But as time went on, they recognized the need to retrofit their cleaning equipment with sensor technology and help control related electricity usage and cost.

This gave rise to what’s now known as the Sentinel-enabled Autobox 3L — advanced automation equipment that simplifies and accelerates cleaning heat exchangers.

Based on their previous equipment, StoneAge had specific needs for the connectors the Autobox 3L required. Having experienced supply chain issues with other manufacturers and suppliers, StoneAge found a reliable partner in Amerline — one that could keep their product launch timeline on track.

A Race To Find the Right Connectors

A StoneAge engineer, Joe Schneider knows the importance of getting parts delivered on time. "If we’re missing a connector, we can’t ship a $100,000+ piece of equipment."

In the context of a product launch, timely part deliveries carry even more weight. Any delays can disrupt the manufacturing process and make it more difficult for an equipment provider like StoneAge to deliver on promises made to clients.

While getting the new Autobox 3L product off the ground, StoneAge required connectors as part of their assembly to support reliable, consistent operations. Along with specific dimension requirements, they were on the hunt for RoHS-compliant connectors. That way, the product would align with their commitment to environmental responsibility as well as support compliance needs.

Tracking down connectors that met these requirements proved to be harder than anticipated. On one hand, there was a struggle to locate RoHS-compliant connectors. And the manufacturers and suppliers that did offer this solution struggled to meet StoneAge’s time-sensitive delivery needs.

Turning to Amerline for Support

When Schneider reached out to Amerline for connector needs, he received a quick response. Our team provided him with a rendering that corresponded to his stock connector for the product. While reviewing the drawing, Schneider identified a previously unrecognized dimension update needed to line up with their original equipment connectors. Leveraging our customization capabilities, we adapted our product to suit his needs.

By partnering with Amerline, StoneAge was able to get the connectors they needed at a competitive cost and delivered on time. Considering the timing of the product launch — spring of 2020 — the ability to get connectors fast enough to stick to the original launch timeline was a big win.

Since its launch, the Autobox 3L has become StoneAge’s premier product, helping to cut traditional heat exchange cleaning times in half. We are proud to provide parts that support this innovative system.



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