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Fulfillment Solutions Provider Gets Quality NATO Plugs for Tool Kits with Flexible Delivery Options

As a kitting and fulfillment services provider, MCSolutions helps organizations across various industries get all the tools and supplies they need to support their applications. One of these organizations is a heavy-duty truck manufacturer who recommended that Amerline supply NATO plugs for their maintenance and in-case-of-emergency tool kits.

In the two years since the project kicked off, MCSolutions has ordered hundreds of NATO plugs from Amerline. Throughout the partnership, they’ve been impressed with the flexibility and responsiveness Amerline delivers alongside high-quality products — so much so that they’ve moved more of their connector business over to Amerline.

Flexible Shipping to Accommodate Organizational Needs

Having shipped 370 tool kits to date, MCSolutions is outfitting 132 dump trucks with tool kits that include NATO plugs. For this latest run, the provider asked Amerline for a blanket order of NATO plugs — with approximately 50 or so coming in at a time as opposed to the whole batch.

With a small building to store products, this approach has allowed MCSolutions to conserve space and reduce carrying costs. It also means sticking to agreed-upon product pricing.

“It’s nice to lock in the price but spread delivery over several months."
Victoria Jozefcyk, program manager at MCSolutions

When the next batch is ready to ship, Amerline simply alerts the MCSolutions team.

Good Communication Every Step of the Way

“Nothing’s more frustrating than asking a question and not getting an answer for a week.”

As program manager at MCSolutions, Jozefcyk knows this frustration — and it’s why she values suppliers like Amerline that deliver prompt follow-ups and resolution.

“I’ve found that their customer service is very good. We get answers in hours.”
Victoria Jozefcyk, program manager at MCSolutions

This support also comes in the form of transparent communication. While Amerline will notify MCSolutions when products are ready to ship, they’ll also proactively communicate any potential issues. That way, Jozefcyk and her team can adjust shipping schedules and alert their customers.

Moving Over More Business to Amerline

In conversations, MCSolutions realized that Amerline made a connector they had a particularly difficult time locating in the past. The connector is used for a convoy light, and because of the connection’s old-fashioned style, all they were able to source was old versus new stock. 

With Amerline, you know you're getting new production parts. MCSolutions has an easier way to find the connectors they need, and they can feel more confident in the products they supply to their customers.

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