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Innovative Uses of the AEC 3100 Connector in Commercial Settings

The AEC 3100 connector — part of Amerline’s AEC 5015 connector series — is a wall-mounted receptacle on the power source that mates with a cable plug. As a commercial equivalent to the MS3100 connector, the AEC 3100 connector is designed to mount to a piece of equipment for military, commercial and industrial applications. Its rugged features and resistance to extreme vibrations and temperature fluctuations perform well in industrial use cases.

One of the key industrial AEC 3100 applications is with encoders. Here’s a glimpse into some innovative electrical solutions where these sensors and connectors are used.

AEC 3100 Encoder Applications

Encoders are used often in industrial environments to track the performance of rotating machinery, providing feedback on the machine’s position, speed and performance.

In warehouses, for instance, encoders are integrated into automated guided vehicles to support the handling of high-volume products. The encoders help the vehicles navigate predefined paths and change their speed and course as needed.

Encoders are also used in conveyor systems. By monitoring conveyor belt speed and position, these sensors help maintain proper synchronization on production lines. Examples of this range from food processing plants to automotive manufacturing plants.

Other industrial encoder applications include:

  • Wind turbine control systems
  • Robotic surgery systems and imaging equipment
  • Aircraft flight control systems

With any of this type of equipment, there will be a mounted receptacle that connects to a power source. The AEC 3100 connector offers a robust, reliable interface to power these and other industrial encoder applications. 

Adherence to military-grade specifications supports application performance and longevity.

Key Features of Our AEC Connector Series

Amerline’s AEC connectors employ advanced sealing techniques such as O-rings and gaskets to prevent moisture, dust and contaminants from penetrating the AEC 3100 connector. This ensures reliable performance even in wet, dusty or dirty environments.

Our AEC connectors also feature ruggedized housings made from aluminum, which supports durability and resistance to corrosion, shock and vibration.

What’s more, AEC 3100 connectors are designed to meet stringent environmental standards for temperature, humidity, altitude and other factors. This ensures they can operate effectively in extreme conditions ranging from the arctic cold to desert heat.

With these design features, AEC military-style circular connectors can meet the demanding requirements of military and industrial applications, delivering reliable connectivity in the most challenging environments.

All the while, AEC 3100 connectors offer greater availability and shorter lead times compared to MS3100 connectors.

The Increased Availability of AEC 3100 Connectors

Consider the fact that unplanned downtime can cause a food processing facility to lose $30,000 per hour. Or, in the case of the average automotive manufacturer, there’s a loss of $22,000 per minute when a production line comes to a halt.

With all the costs that are on the line, it’s critical that businesses can quickly access the connectors they need to keep their operations on track. Whereas MS3100 connectors can be harder to source due to certifications and limited approved suppliers, AEC 3100 connectors are more readily available. Accelerated delivery times of these commercial receptacles help businesses combat line downtime and save money.

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