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What Do Environmentally Sealed Connectors Protect Against?

Connectors can be placed in harsh environments where exposure to moisture, high temperatures, chemicals, and dust is expected. When this is the case, it’s critical to invest in connectors built to withstand these conditions — a solution that comes in the form of environmentally sealed connectors.

What Are Environmentally Sealed Connectors?


As their name suggests, environmentally sealed connectors are equipped with an interface seal that blocks out interactions with external variables. These seals are particularly important in the back end of a connector where there are greater vulnerabilities to the electrical performance of the connector’s contacts.

Environmentally sealed connectors are typically outfitted with a rubber insulation. Synthetic rubber seals offer distinct advantages over natural rubber seals, as it has a stronger resistance to chemicals, weathering, heat and other extreme conditions. It’s these variables, paired with other mechanical properties, that make it a viable option for industrial applications.

Examples of Environmentally Sealed Connectors At Work

Delivering Protection Against Moisture 


Whether it’s a matter of exposure to high humidity levels, rain or snow, moisture — and its potential impact on connectivity quality and connector corrosion — is a big concern in many industrial applications. It’s true of outdoor systems such as security cameras that operate 24/7 in all types of weather, as well as factories where steam is generated and equipment is subject to water ingress. Environmentally sealed connectors function as a barrier against contact with such moisture, maintaining reliable electrical connections.

Delivering Protection Against Chemicals


From oils in lubrication machines to cleaning agents in food and beverage production, chemicals used in industrial settings can easily come into contact with electrical cables and connectors. And such exposure can cause significant corrosion to critical systems. Backed by synthetic rubber that is highly resistant to oils, gasses and other chemicals, environmentally sealed connectors support continued connectivity that reduces costly downtime. 

Delivering Protection Against Dust


While dust — often a byproduct of industrial processes — may not seem as problematic to connector performance, it can cause just as much damage as other variables. In just small traces, dust can cause poor contact in connectors and corrosion that impacts the integrity of connections. Environmentally sealed connectors protect sensitive equipment from dust, preventing failure that can lead to downtime in industrial facilities.

Environmentally Resistant Connectors with Overmolding Options


Amerline’s line of AEC® circular connectors is built for harsh environment applications, as well as sizable power demands and size constraints. These drop-in equivalents to mil-spec connectors are tested and verified to perform in the harshest conditions, providing you with reliable connectivity solutions you can depend on.

But we also realize there are those cases where an added layer of protection is useful. That’s where our in-house overmolding capabilities come into the picture. Using a low-pressure injection molding process, we can create a seamless overmold for your cable assembly that further enhances protection of your circular connector in the field.

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