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The Benefits of Connector Engineering Services

Some connector requirements can be addressed by existing products; other connector projects are far more involved. When the latter is the case, companies don’t always have the expertise, bandwidth or technology to tackle projects internally. Connector engineering services, like those offered by Amerline, help fill these internal gaps.

If you’re wondering what kind of ROI to expect from connector engineering services, here is a helpful breakdown of key benefits.

Benefit #1: Accelerated Product Development

As the age-old saying goes, time is money. Any opportunities you have to reduce trial and error in connector projects helps streamline product development and accelerate your time to market. Having connector engineers involved in the early stages of product development also lends itself to resolving problems before they come up. This supports a smoother product development lifecycle, while minimizing potential risks and costs.

Benefit #2: Access to Comprehensive Capabilities

When you leverage connector engineering services, you gain access to capabilities outside your organization. This can range from CAD software to prototyping equipment. These capabilities lend themselves to comprehensive testing and validation before you move into full-scale production — and there’s peace of mind in that. Connector engineering services also open up the door to customization capabilities. Companies can leverage customization to help connectors withstand harsh environments or to adjust the length of the contacts to achieve optimal performance, as a few examples.

Benefit #3: Access to Rich Expertise

When you’re working with Amerline for connector engineering services, you have a partner with more than 40 years of experience in the business. With a history of coming up with solutions for customers, we can incorporate things we’ve seen work in the past to support even more efficient product development projects. We know when to suggest product improvements and how to proactively identify issues to prevent costly reworks.

Have a requirement for a connector project but haven’t worked through the details of how to make it happen? Connect with Amerline. We’ll combine our rich expertise and capabilities to deliver you a high-quality end result faster and without unnecessary costs. It all starts with requesting a quote.

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