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Innovative Examples of Custom Connector Design

While there are many scenarios where off-the-shelf connectors work, it’s safe to say that custom connector design has become a bigger conversation in recent years. As technology advances, there are more cases where manufacturers need to fine-tune a connector to meet product specifications or to optimize system performance.

The best way to understand the possibilities with custom connector design is to look at real-world examples. Here are some custom connector design projects from Amerline’s portfolio.

A Custom Measurement Connector Example

When a market leader in measurement solutions came to Amerline, they were introducing a new product line that required a connector with custom features. Specifically, the customer required a critical dimension with a customized rounded flange that did not include the typical knurled pattern.

Our team was able to develop a customized connector with  the required pin protrusion length and the requested non-knurled feature. With this custom solution, they were able to get the product successfully launched on time.

Once the product was in the field, the measurement solutions provider came back with a small change request for a special dimensional modification. This change would help their customers weld tooling and streamline the setup process. We were able to quickly update the connector drawings and address this revision request. The final product was delivered in time for the new production release and kept the customer on budget.

A Modified Construction Equipment Connector Example

When a construction equipment manufacturer came to Amerline, their concern was the difficulty they were having sourcing a reverse bayonet connector with special grounded contacts. Their application required a “first mate-last break” ground contact for plugs. 

In this scenario, the manufacturer required a longer than normal power blade or signal pin that would allow the ground to be established before power connections were made. The ground is maintained until after the power connections are broken.

Meeting the full application requirements called for a number of connector modifications. This included a customized machine barrel, a customized insulator, a customized contact length, and a first mate-last break ground contact. 

With the final product, the manufacturer had the connector they needed with specially designed safety features.

A Custom Welding Equipment Connector Example

When a leading welding equipment OEM came to Amerline, they were coming off a delayed product launch. The reason they were unable to complete the launch on time was because the original connectors they selected for their product were unable to meet creepage and clearance standards.

Taking into account factors like material grade, working voltage and pollution degree, we delivered a custom reverse bayonet connector in a larger shell size than the original supplier — in just two weeks. With this new connector design, the OEM was able to get UL approval and launch their new sub-arc product.

With the ability to get quality solutions fast, the OEM’s engineer opted to spec Amerline for all reverse bayonet connectors used in the project.

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