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Why Custom Connector Solutions Don’t Have to Break Your Budget

Custom connectors exist for a good reason: not every requirement can be addressed with standard catalog connectors. This scenario has become more common as the design of devices and equipment that these connectors power has grown more complex and the quality and reliability standards that surround their use have become more stringent.

While there is innate value custom connectors bring to the table and a clear need for them in many applications, cost tends to be a point of contention. On paper, custom connectors may have a higher price tag than their off-the-shelf counterparts. But when you factor in the savings custom solutions can provide in the long run and work with a partner that leverages comprehensive customization capabilities, you’ll uncover clear value in a custom investment.

How Custom Connectors Can Save You Production Expenses


Trying to fit a round peg into a square hole is a concept that can apply both literally and figuratively in the connector world. There are times when a custom connector is needed because a standard mounting flange may not fit the size and shape of an enclosure. Or, it could be a case where a standard connector used in equipment fails under submersion.

The point at which these issues are discovered — and the need for a custom connector becomes clear — can happen at various stages of product development. You may have already ordered hundreds of off-the-shelf connectors that are ultimately deemed to not be a fit, or worse, your application’s connectors may have experienced testing failures after production was already complete. This unusable inventory and design rework translates into higher costs.

Then, there’s also the added assembly costs to consider. While standard connector solutions may still work in the context of an application, they can do so at the expense of making the design assembly more complex. Some of the parts or features of a stock connector may not be applicable to a specific use case and take up extra space, or the stock connector may lack an RoHS compliant finish — a necessity in today’s competitive environment — preventing its use in an assembly.

Look for a Partner with Comprehensive Customization Capabilities


Just as important as the decision to invest in custom connectors is the partner you choose for the job. While this choice ties back to quality and service, it also accounts for how much you’ll spend on your custom connector solutions.

In the connector industry, it’s rare to be able to offer both custom connectors and value-added services, as it requires time and getting to know the exact details of customers’ applications. But that is what we do at Amerline: harness the value of our engineering and design teams to give you one-stop customization services. Many of our customers came to us after finding their requests for custom connectors unanswered by our competitors — technical challenges that we’ve embraced and helped resolve.

While eliminating the added costs of working with multiple providers for customization through Amerline, you’ll also accelerate and enhance the quality of the product development process with streamlined customization. This approach to custom connector production gives businesses the means to reduce critical timelines and lead successful product launches in a fraction of the time.

Get High-Quality Custom Connector Solutions at a Lower Cost


Investing in custom connector solutions doesn’t have to mean overextending your budget. At Amerline, we perform our value-added customization work at our headquarters in Schiller Park, IL — the same place where we test, inspect, and ship our connectors. So whether you’re in need of a fully customized connector or want to add an overmolded solution using our AEC® commercial series circular connectors, you can get the precise result your application requires in less time and with fewer costs.

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