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Design Considerations for Overmolding Connectors: Achieving Optimal Performance

Overmolded cable assemblies produced with AEC circular connectors are built to deliver superior protection against environmental elements with enhanced durability.  When it comes to the performance and longevity of these assemblies, thoughtful design goes a long way.

As a connector manufacturer and overmolding service provider, Amerline knows from experience some of the key design considerations to keep top of mind. Here they are.

Combine the Power of Potting With Overmolding

Our military customers typically request that we pot their connectors, meaning we seal the area where wires are soldered to the terminals with epoxy or RTV as specified by the customer. If this area is left open, water ingress can occur. Dirt and other contaminants can also enter the cable assembly and cause issues.

With potting, you’re creating an impenetrable seal on the back end of the connector. This provides an ideal source of environmental protection. When you then overmold that connector, you get strain relief that protects against cable assembly component bending and compromise. With this combination, the connector will sit more securely and, aesthetically, will have added visual appeal.

Customizing Connector Design

When you’re creating tooling for the overmold, it can be very simple — or it can be outfitted with additional features for strain relief. At the same time, you can customize the connector’s backshell or adapter. This additional layer of defense complements the protective features of an overmolded cable assembly and supports seamless integration with the connector.

In the past, we’ve worked with a company that developed satellites for television broadcasts. Knowing their cables were subject to use and abuse, they wanted to do everything they could to make their cable assemblies more robust and easier to work with while keeping people from pulling cables out of the connectors. By customizing connectors to accommodate the cables’ shape, alongside potting and overmolding, they achieved a high-performance, cosmetically appealing assembly. 

Turn to Amerline for Your Overmolded Cable Assembly Needs

Rather than having to get connectors from one supplier and then send them out to someone else for overmolding or cable assemblies, Amerline brings all these processes in-house. While shaving time off the clock, our ability to handle connector design, understand its application via the engineer, and do the overmolding at our headquarters in Schiller Park, IL, minimizes any miscommunication that can cause delays or affect performance. Think of us as a one-stop shop for all your connector needs.

Our overmolded cable assemblies are used across industries, from the automotive to the industrial sectors, delivering watertight seals for sensitive components. Our low-pressure injection molding process provides superior results at a reasonable cost, assuring that your cable assemblies remain durable in the face of external factors.

From stock to custom connector solutions, Amerline is ready to support your business. Tell us about your project and we'll provide you with a quote!

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