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Why Are Overmolded Connectors Becoming a More Common Request?

For years, overmolding has played a pivotal role in providing connectors with an added layer of protection. Through a seamlessly integrated outer layer, an overmolded connector is better equipped to withstand the wear and tear of environmental stressors.

At the same, with the strain relief that overmolding provides, an overmolded cable assembly contributes to better overall functionality.

While there are clear incentives for investing in overmolding, it’s important to understand some industry dynamics that are pushing more businesses toward this step.

Industries Where Overmolded Connectors Are on the Rise

Energy Sector

We’ve seen a trend where energy companies are going back to older connector designs and identifying the need for overmolding. One of the leading contributors to this shift is having to deal with different atmospheric situations and weather events. An increased occurrence and severity of hurricanes and floods, for instance, has put critical power infrastructures at greater risk, and industry leaders have recognized this vulnerability.

While recognizing these risks, power industry leaders have also seen opportunities to streamline efforts for installation and maintenance teams. The strain relief that comes with an overmolded connector makes it easier for these teams to grip and handle the assembly while working on power lines. This promotes efficiency and safety on the job.

Broadcast Industry

From entertainment venues to athletic stadiums, there has always been demand for reliability in broadcasting equipment. In recent years, performance demands have significantly increased. To cater to the masses, modern broadcasting equipment needs to withstand the rigors of continuous use, transportation and setup. Overmolding gives connector cable assemblies an added safeguard against mechanical stress.

At the same time, many of these broadcast events take place in outdoor locations, exposing cable assemblies to a range of weather conditions. Overmolded connectors provide a barrier against water ingress, helping to protect sensitive electronics and keep broadcast operations uninterrupted.

Construction Industry

Construction equipment has always been exposed to rough handling. As construction projects become more complex and ambitious, connectors used in heavy machines must be able to withstand the impact of more mechanical stress and vibrations. With overmolding, connectors get superior resilience in even the most challenging conditions.

It’s also important to consider how the machinery itself has changed. With the integration of advanced technologies like sensors and IoT, modern construction equipment is even more vulnerable to rigorous use and harsh environmental conditions. Overmolded connectors support the performance and longevity of increasingly sensitive machines.

How Amerline Approaches Overmolding

Overmolding is one of the value-added services we offer at Amerline. With the ability to produce our own molds for our AEC® connectors, we can customize molds to ensure the best design possible. We also work with our own machinists and toolmakers, giving us even more control in the overmolding process.

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