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Is Your Industrial Power System Built to Last?

Industrial power systems rely on efficient flow of electricity to enable operations. All it takes is one bad electrical connection to interrupt the system and cause notable impact.

While we can see this play out in various applications, we’ll use a power grid example to illustrate connector issue impact.

When an Industrial Power System Connection Fails: Power Grid Example

Power grid lines transmit high-power electricity across long distances, and in doing so, generate heat. As the temperature of the power lines increases, the connectors included at various points in the industrial power system — from switchgears to circuit breakers — are also exposed to such heat.

Sometimes the heat can prove to be too much for electrical connectors. Considering the thousands of mating cycles these kinds of connectors can endure over their lifetimes, exposure to these harsh environmental conditions can stress connector components. More specifically, stress reduces contact force, which in turn hinders the transmission of an electrical signal in the industrial power system.

While the failure of a few electrical components may not directly lead to a blackout, it’s important to think about what these failures mean for the rest of the system. When part of a power grid collapses, the power surge load is distributed to other components in the system. In what’s known as a cascading failure, this distribution can cause other system parts to endure stress, making them susceptible to failure too.

The Critical Role of Connectors in an Industrial Power System

As the power grid example highlights, industrial power systems are exposed to harsh conditions and the connectors that support their high-power transmission must account for that. The same rule of thumb applies to other harsh-environment applications where one bad connection can keep an industrial power system at a standstill.

Consider the case where an electrical connection fails in construction equipment. While dealing with the expenses of diagnosing and addressing the system’s issue, companies have to account for hours and even days of diverted work that deepens the financial toll.

No matter the application, a powerful defense against industrial power system failure is well-engineered electrical connectors. The connectors must be built to reliably conduct electrical power over their lifetime, accounting for the extreme conditions they’ll endure.

The Amerline Advantage

At Amerline, we offer multiple product lines of circular connectors designed to withstand the harshest industrial conditions. 

Our AEC connector series features a mix of general-duty and heavy-duty circular connectors that are available in a wide variety of designs and configurations. These connectors are interchangeable with military-style connectors and are virtually limitless in applications.

Our NATO connector series features circular connectors built to the highest degree of robustness and reliability, as outlined under the NATO Standardization Agreement. Assemblies and accessories are available to support unwavering protection in the field.

While you’ll get the quality of products you need from us, you’ll also enjoy the benefits of faster lead times and more cost-effective pricing than the competition.

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