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What All Circular Connector Manufacturers Don’t Have in Common

Businesses have their choice of circular connector manufacturers. And when you consider how this choice influences machines, equipment and other systems, it’s no small decision. The circular connector manufacturer you select directly influences the rollout, cost and performance of commercial and industrial applications — for better or for worse.

Getting on the right side of the equation means knowing what qualities to look for in a circular connector manufacturer. Here are some key differentiators to keep top of mind.

Fast Lead Times

Getting products to market fast plays a critical role in staying competitive — but with today’s volatile supply chain environment, that’s easier said than done. Comparing lead times between circular connector manufacturers can help you get a sense for which ones have the means to minimize production delays and respond to urgent requests in the case of unforeseen circumstances. Expedited delivery options help accommodate this.

Cost-Effective Products

While expedited lead times can help reduce costs, it’s also important to think about the cost of the connectors themselves. If you can save 20%-40% per connector versus competitor parts and you’re regularly ordering connectors in the span of a year, that’s a big benefit to your bottom line. These savings can relate to how the circular connectors are designed and manufactured, as well as in-house product testing and inspections.

High-Quality Products

Circular connectors need to be able to maintain reliable, consistent electrical connections. And if they fail to meet these standards, it’s back to the drawing board for your business — with a lot of extra money out of pocket. Before working with a circular connector manufacturer, verify the quality assurance measures they take to ensure that strict technical specifications and industry standards can successfully be met.

Affordable Customization

While stock connectors may serve today’s needs, application needs can change. Whether it’s a matter of withstanding harsher environments or a customized insert to meet new system requirements, it’s worthwhile to opt for a manufacturer that can respond to these needs in a cost-effective manner. You’ll save yourself the costs of working with multiple suppliers and, when there aren’t large minimum volume quantities tied to the customization work, you’ll save even more.

Specialization Vs. Stretched Thin

For many connector manufacturers, circular connectors are only a small portion of their business. Choosing a manufacturer that specializes in circular connectors offers natural benefits. You’ll have access to in-depth knowledge, experience and expertise specific to this type of connector and that translates into enhanced quality and compatibility. At the same time, these specific insights lend themselves to a deeper understanding of how to address technical challenges through customization.

Reliable Support

Just as important as the products a circular connector manufacturer offers is the support they provide. As a customer, you should have easy access to knowledgeable technical staff so you get prompt technical assistance and responses to inquiries when needed. This support can come in the form of a quick phone call or the ability to easily schedule a meeting so you can keep things moving along on your end.

Why Industry Leaders Choose Amerline as Their Circular Connector Manufacturer

When it comes to circular connector manufacturers, Amerline stands out for all the right reasons:

  • Our circular connectors are rigorously tested under the harshest conditions and are backed by a scratch-resistant finish
  • We provide expedited delivery options so we can get products to customers faster
  • Our pricing is typically 20-40% less than competitors in the market
  • We perform value-added customization work at our headquarters in Schiller Park, IL — the same place we also test, inspect and ship our products
  • We have more than 40 years of experience in the circular connector market, with a background that started in serving the needs of the military
  • Our team of experts is readily available to provide support in resolving issues and meeting the tightest of timelines

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