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Ways to Reduce Costs of Circular Connector Purchases

In an age of growing inflation and rising prices, a strategic procurement process that lowers costs is more important than ever. Electrical connector prices can vary significantly depending on where they’re sourced and how they’ll be used. However, there are several steps you can take to curb circular connector costs regardless of whether you’re purchasing a stock or custom part.

We’ll share the most effective ways to reduce costs by placing blanket orders, strategically shipping parts and weighing the advantages of commercial off-the-shelf connectors. We’ll also look at how to best leverage your relationship with your connector provider to get the best prices.  

The Benefits of Blanket Orders

Placing blanket purchase orders can be an extremely effective way to improve efficiency and reduce overall supply costs. This type of order, sometimes also referred to as a standing purchase order, is essentially a long-term contract with a single supplier to provide parts at regular intervals.  

There are numerous benefits to making blanket orders instead of placing multiple spot orders. For one, it gives you greater purchasing power and can provide opportunities to negotiate for discounted bulk pricing. Setting a fixed price for connector purchases for the agreed-upon length of time also eliminates the risk of price fluctuations. Additionally, recurring transactions and shipments reduce administrative costs by streamlining the ordering process.

Then, there are the less tangible savings that come with blanket orders. Particularly in today’s era of supply chain disruptions , the assurance of confirmed orders is key to reducing lead times and preventing costly delays. Regular deliveries of parts also minimize the cost and hassle of having to hold large amounts of inventory for long periods of time.

Blanket orders work best when you know the exact volume you will need ahead of time. At Amerline, we’ll work with you to find the best order volume and price for your circular connector needs based on your Estimated Annual Usage (EAU). And when you place a blanket order with us, we’ll implement a stocking program for you to ensure your connectors are immediately available when you need them.  

Ultimately, the cost and time savings can add up significantly over the length of the blanket order contract.  

Strategic Shipping Saves Money

Sometimes, placing blanket orders or buying in bulk may not be the best fit. While the electrical connector price can’t be reduced any further in those cases, savings can still be found in other areas associated with spot buys.

Shipping and delivery fees, for example, can quickly drive up the final cost – especially if the component needs to be expedited. The best way to manage this situation is proactively: by placing orders with enough time for standard shipping to suffice rather than needing to pay the more expensive rush fees.

Additionally, factor in expected lead times and review the shipping options offered by your connector manufacturer to see if there's room to reduce costs. At Amerline, for example, we pride ourselves on our fast turnaround that doesn’t compromise on quality. Our expedited delivery can get parts to you in two to four weeks – several times faster than competitors.

One further consideration when it comes to shipping costs is whether the connector is manufactured domestically or abroad. International deliveries come with steeper shipping costs, tariffs and longer lead times.

Find out from your supplier where customization to the components is being done, as well. Oftentimes, for example, custom work like cable overmolding is outsourced abroad. Our team at Amerline makes sure you receive your customized parts faster and at a more competitive cost by keeping custom design and production services like overmolding in-house at our headquarters in Illinois.

Having all the information you need about lead times, shipping options and timelines can help you plan ahead to reduce costs.

Consider Commercial-Off-the-Shelf Circular Connectors

Custom connectors bring many benefits, but they also come with additional costs. Before settling on a completely new connector design, consider whether a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) circular connector might fit your needs.

COTS are a lower-cost alternative to full mil-spec components. Although they are not designed for military applications specifically, they are often made to withstand the same harsh conditions that would be faced by a military-use product: vibrations, humidity, flexion and temperature changes, among other factors.

The connectors from Amerline’s commercial series, for example, are designed for extreme environments and can withstand the harshest of conditions. Many of them, like the AEC 5015 Commercial Series, meet military specifications and are currently being used for a range of military applications in addition to more conventional industrial and commercial uses.  

If customization is required, there are ways to reduce that cost. Working with a single manufacturer who can handle both standard and custom work in-house results in both time savings and cost savings compared to working with multiple suppliers. Consider also whether a product can be modified to meet your requirements – like with overmolding, where an existing mold can often be modified with an insert – or if a completely new design is needed.

Getting the Best Electrical Connector Price

There are several paths to getting the best electrical connector price to suit your applications, but the best way is to start by finding the right provider.

Building a strong relationship with a circular connector manufacturer who can meet all your technical needs and custom requests in a timely, cost-effective manner is an investment with long-term benefits for your business.

Working with a partner like Amerline that offers competitive pricing, faster lead times and in-house customization not only means you’re getting the best price, but also provides you with peace of mind every step of the way.

Reducing the costs of circular connector purchases is just one of the advantages of switching providers. Learn more about the benefits and how to build the business case for making the transition.

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