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Benefits of Industrial Power Connectors That Meet Military-Style Standards

When you think about the dynamics of military vehicles, it only makes sense that military-style connectors meet rigorous standards. While they meet power demands, military-style connectors must also be built to withstand contact with chemicals and engine contaminants as well as extreme temperatures. 

The inherently robust and durable design of military-style connectors translates well to industrial applications. For instance, some transit systems leverage NATO connectors to provide dependable power connections in the face of harsh operational conditions.

Transit systems are a prime example of how industrial power connectors that meet military-style requirements can support a more effective infrastructure with a longer lifespan. At the same time, there’s the benefit of a military-style connector’s compact design. They can fit into tight spaces, making optimal, efficient use of a system’s footprint.

Are There Opportunities for Customization?

With military-standard (MS) connectors, the design is set in stone. If you change one dimension of an MS connector or modify its design in any way, the connector loses its MS designation.

Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) connectors that meet military-style standards offer flexibility for customization. Consider the case of an industrial application where a cable assembly connector must fit a new equipment size requirement to meet a customer’s design request. The COTS connector can be modified to support the new product launch — all while still meeting the military’s rigorous standards. This customization would not be possible with an MS connector.

What About the Materials That Are Used?

For many years, the military has been focused on the robustness of connector designs. As you get into the industrial space, where RoHS compliance has become the standard, you’re operating under more constraints.

Because COTS connectors are designed for use across industries, they often come in RoHS-compliant finishes. Beyond meeting regulatory requirements, this step promotes environmental sustainability and safety in the workplace.

An Additional Benefit of COTS Connectors

We’ve already covered how the use of COTS connectors for industrial applications offers durability, flexibility and sustainability. But it’s also worth noting their availability and price relative to MS connectors.

MS connectors have to be manufactured in specific facilities at certain times. That means production runs will be smaller. So while COTS connectors address all environmental standards with the option for modification, they offer the benefit of larger production runs and location flexibility. This reduces costs and accelerates lead times.

In the market for industrial power connectors that meet military-style standards? Amerline’s AEC connector series is interchangeable and intermateable with MS connectors and can be customized to suit your specific needs. Tell us about your project, and we’ll provide you with a quote.

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