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How To Get an Overmolded Connector Cable Assembly in Less Time

Whether it’s medical equipment that’s vital to patient care or an industrial machine that’s mission-critical to a manufacturer’s operations, overmolded connector cable assemblies have a home in applications where there’s little time to spare. Commercial and industrial organizations need to have assemblies delivered fast to deliver on their business goals.

On the surface, overmolding connector cable assemblies can seem like an extra step in the production process that adds time to the clock — time businesses can’t afford. We’re here to tell you there are ways to minimize delays and meet market demands.

How We Save Time in Overmolding Connector Cable Assemblies

Waiting on connectors from external suppliers can easily push back lead times in the overmolding process and production stages that follow it. This becomes especially problematic when you put these wait times in the context of a persistent labor shortage that makes it difficult for suppliers to keep up with demands.

At Amerline, we overmold our own connectors at our headquarters in Schiller Park, IL. Rather than having to synchronize overmolding schedules and connector delivery times, we’ll ensure we have the components you need in stock, when you need them, to avoid delays. All the while, you’ll save yourself the extra costs of overmolding that often takes place overseas.

Another way that we accommodate faster turnaround times for overmolded connector cable assemblies is through expedited delivery options for our AEC connectors. With the ability to get connectors to our headquarters in less time, we’re able to get overmolded connector cable assemblies out the door faster than the competition. This minimizes the impact of time-sensitive scenarios while helping our customers foster better relationships with their customers.

While we’re on the topic of overmolded connector cable assemblies, it’s also worth noting the support we provide from a tooling standpoint. We’ll work with you to identify if we can use existing tooling or modify it for your application versus creating a new mold. This reduces tooling costs that can otherwise be cost prohibitive in smaller volume runs.

Tired of dealing with production delays? Amerline has the resources to get quality circular connector solutions in less time. Tell us about your project, and we’ll provide a quote.

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