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Demystifying Ordnance Connectors and Their Role in Modern Applications

Ordnance connectors get their name for a reason: they are based on government drawings and specifications for military vehicles. And while they continue to be an integral part of military applications, modern ordnance applications have expanded.

Before we dive into these applications, let’s look at how ordnance connectors got their start.

The Emergence of Ordnance Connectors

The development of ordnance connectors dates back to the early 1970s. While designing military vehicles, government engineers got together to map out every feature requirement to support product development. Relevant parts, referred to as ordnance connectors or ordnance components, were then produced per that drawing.

Since that time, ordnance connectors have been used as power connectors installed inside a military vehicle. These connectors support all of the vehicle’s core power systems, from the transmission to electrical power generation.

Outlined by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), ordnance connectors are designed to be robust yet simple. Everything has to be precise to the drawing, without customizations.

The Rise of Modern Ordnance Applications

Similar to MS single wire waterproof connectors, companies that make vehicles like military vehicles have started to use ordnance connectors. In the construction industry, equipment manufacturers are taking advantage of time-tested ordnance connectors so their systems can better withstand challenging working conditions. This can include muddy terrains, extreme heat and cold, and continuous vibrations during operation.

A similar sentiment applies to the agricultural industry. While navigating through rough landscapes and the elements, agricultural equipment also has to contend with crop residue, pesticides, and other variables, requiring connectors to be tough and resilient. 

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