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Our Products Are Compliant with DFARS 252.225-7007

Having worked with numerous military customers and government contracts, we’re familiar with the specific kinds of regulations DoD contractors and subcontractors must meet. One of these regulations is Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) 252.225-7007.

The Purpose of DFARS 252.225-7007

Collectively, the goal of the DFARS is to ensure controlled unclassified information (CUI) remains secure and confidential. This is accomplished by establishing uniform cybersecurity policies and procedures that defense suppliers must adhere to in order to earn new DoD contracts.

DFARS 252.225-7007 prohibits the “acquisition of certain items from certain communist Chinese military companies.” More specifically, defense companies may not directly or indirectly acquire items from the commercial or defense industrial base of the People’s Republic of China, or from any company controlled by, or affiliated with, an element of their government or armed forces.

Amerline’s Products are Compliant

None of our Amerline products are sourced from China. This means that we can support military or other customers that require compliance with DFARS 252.225-700 — with a certificate of compliance to prove it.

Alongside compliance, the way we source our products allows us to workaround global sourcing issues. Amid COVID-19 restrictions, geopolitical risk, and rising labor costs in China, production in alternate locations has helped us maintain greater control over the supply chain. This translates into faster lead times and fewer costs for our customers.

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