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When Are Custom NATO Cable Assemblies Needed?

Military applications come with their unique requirements — and in some cases, that can bring custom NATO cable assemblies into the picture. Going beyond selection of a receptacle, these cable assemblies call for a completely customized solution to accommodate the needs of vehicles, generators and support equipment.

Sometimes the need for custom NATO cable assemblies is a matter of fit; other times it’s a matter of function.

Consider the Length of a NATO Cable Assembly…

While military vehicles are known to be tight on space, this is also true of much of the support equipment used. Personnel need to be able to move fast, and bulky equipment can get in the way of those efforts.

In light of these variables, a standard NATO cable assembly can sometimes be too long and not fit within the respective space. To be properly installed and function right, the assembly must be shortened.

Alternatively, a standard NATO cable assembly may fit fine in a designated space, but its length disrupts the management of the cables. Amerline has experience producing custom NATO cables for many special applications where the cable assembly is tailored to the customer’s specific length requirements to ensure the power is properly routed.

Consider the Connectors on the Other End of the Assembly…

While some military and government applications mandate the use of MIL-SPEC connectors, others offer the option to use commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) connectors in their place. What’s nice about COTS connectors is that they eliminate added expenses passed down with QPL designation and also open the door up to a larger pool of suppliers that ultimately helps accelerate product development.

A common request that Amerline receives is to produce hybrid NATO Intervehicular cable assemblies. These types of assemblies are required when a collector of military vehicles wants to tow a commercial trailer behind their Humvee. For these instances,  Amerline will use a standard MS75020 plug on one end and a commercial 7 blade plug on the other. We even manufacture a trailer-mounted converter to step down 24 volts to 12 volts for the commercial trailer’s lighting system. 

Modifications to enable the use of a commercial connector on the other end of the NATO assembly can translate into fewer costs and faster lead times for manufacturers.

Work with Amerline to Create a Custom NATO Cable Assembly

Whether you need to modify the length of a NATO cable assembly or allow for the use of COTS connectors on the other end, Amerline offers the customization you need. We have extensive experience developing fully customized NATO cable assemblies that are an ideal fit for your military application from a form and functionality standpoint.

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