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The Role of Connectors in Heavy-Duty Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

Any industrial equipment that relies on power will require a power supply — and that power supply will have to connect with the piece of equipment that’s being powered.

It’s a simple dynamic that calls out the importance of connectors in industrial equipment.

There are all types of connectors for the job depending on the industrial equipment manufacturing application. While small plastic connectors are the solution in some cases, heavier industrial applications often require more robust connector solutions. As you get into these heavy-duty scenarios, the conversation becomes one of how to balance the durability an application requires with size constraints.

Sourcing Connectors for Heavy-Duty Industrial Equipment

Consider the case of a black box for a train. Designed to assess the cause of incidents and improve safety measures, these electronic devices need to be able to withstand vibration and shock as the train travels at high speeds or traverses uneven tracks. They need to also withstand moisture, dust and other environmental variables.

At the same time, connectors need to accommodate the compact size of a train’s black boxes. Connectors should have little profile to dimensionally work with the system and be in proportion to any cables used.

The solution is a robust yet simple connector. But how easy is that for the industrial equipment manufacturer to find? 

As we’ve learned from working with heavy-duty industrial equipment manufacturers, it can be challenging to source a connector that balances both sides of the equation — not to mention expensive.

A Better Alternative: Going the Customization Route

Before an engineer decides on the right connectors for their industrial equipment, they need to determine availability. That way, they can avoid supply chain issues once parts enter production.

When certain connectors prove to be hard to source or steep in cost, customization can be a good route. By working with a manufacturer like Amerline to produce connectors tailored to your equipment’s needs, you can meet urgent requirements with fewer costs.

Customization is also beneficial as it offers more leeway in terms of connector specs. If you find issues in the early testing of a standard connector design, we have the flexibility to go back and customize a connector’s dimension or flange size as needed to achieve optimal performance.

A Background That Aligns With Heavy-Duty Industrial Applications

Amerline’s 40+ years of experience supporting military applications translates well into heavy-duty industrial applications. Our standard connectors go through rigorous military testing to ensure their durability and reliability when used with heavy-duty industrial equipment. All the while, we leverage our customization capabilities to develop and deliver connector solutions for customers faster than the competition and in a more cost-effective manner.

Looking for affordable and timely connector solutions to support your heavy-duty industrial applications? We’re ready to help meet your needs. Request a quote today.

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