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How In-Stock NATO Connectors Help You Win

NATO connectors, or North Atlantic Treaty Organization connectors as they’re more formally known, must be able to perform under the harshest conditions. With uses that extend from tactical vehicles to military support equipment, NATO connectors must be built to the military and technical standards defined by the Standardization Agreement, or STANAG.

While military and industrial organizations need NATO connectors to have the highest level of robustness and reliability, they also need these products to be delivered fast.

The Impact of Long Lead Times for NATO Connectors

When you think about the context in which NATO connectors are used, it’s clear why there is little time to waste waiting on products to arrive.

Consider the case where an electrical connector fails in a military vehicle. If that vehicle is sidelined for several weeks while waiting for the NATO connector replacement, it can ultimately affect the readiness of military personnel.

Think about this same scenario in the context of a military generator. If a generator stops working due to a faulty plug assembly, military field units won’t have the electrical power they need to support medical equipment, radar technology and other key needs.

Quality NATO Connectors by Amerline: Get Top Products Without the Wait

Recognizing the need to move fast, Amerline stocks NATO connectors — 11682338 (NATO vehicle plug assembly) and 11674728 (NATO vehicle receptacle assembly) — for quick delivery. This gets us in front of the long lead times that are associated with NATO connectors.

As part of our value-added services, we also work closely with military and industrial customers to develop inventory stocking programs that align with their requirements. That way, they’ll always have products available ahead of schedule — no wait times needed.

While you’ll get the unwavering support and protection you need in NATO connectors, you’ll do away with the long lead times you simply can’t afford in emergency situations.

That’s the Amerline advantage. 

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