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Why the AEC 3112 Is a Popular Receptacle Choice

Compatible with the MS3112 connector, Amerline’s AEC 3112 connector is a standard receptacle with varied use. The popularity of this box-mounted receptacle, as we’ll showcase here, stems both from its design as well as availability.

The AEC 3112 Has a Special Low-Profile Design

The AEC 3112 has the same flange design as wall mounts. However, in the case of box mounts, there are no accessory threads. This lends itself to a more compact rear profile — something that engineers are very conscious of when mapping out product design.

Without accessory threads, the AEC 3112 receptacle can be mounted in more confined spaces and specced into more designs. 

A control box or power supply box houses many components and wires, with limited space to accommodate additional accessories. With the back end of the connector inside the box, you won’t worry about grommets and sealing the back end with a nut. In the case of the AEC 3112 receptacle, the box essentially seals the connector back end, leaving no need for accessory threads.

The AEC 3112 Has High Availability

With its robust, low-profile design, the AEC 3112 is a frequently requested receptacle choice. (Generally speaking, the AEC 3116 — a drop-in equivalent for the MS3116 — is the most commonly used plug type.) 

But what also makes these connectors popular is their prevalence and accessibility throughout the industry. The AEC 3112 and the AEC 3116 connectors tend to be the most readily available, allowing for the shortest lead times.

About the AEC 26482 Commercial Series

The AEC 3112 and the AEC 3116 are part of Amerline’s AEC 26482 commercial series. This product line consists of general-purpose, miniature circular connectors built and tested for environmental resistance. While meeting the same key technical requirements as the MS3112 and MS3116, these commercial drop-in equivalents are available to businesses at a fraction of the cost, in a fraction of the time.

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