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A Comparison Between Amerline’s AEC 3116 & MS3116 Connectors

Amerline’s AEC 3116 connector — part of our AEC 26482 series — is a commercial equivalent for the MS3116. Compatible with all 26482 Series I receptacles, the AEC 3116 connector meets the most critical performance features of the MS3116 connector while offering cost and customization advantages.

Applications of AEC 3116 & MS3116 Connectors

The AEC 3116 and MS3116 connectors are recognized as the most common plug for cables. Used in a variety of industrial and military applications, these popular straight plugs complement power connectors by enabling strong, continuous signal connections with an appropriate receptacle.

AEC 3116 connectors are widely used in military vehicles and aircraft, commercial aircraft, heavy machinery, and automotive vehicles, to name a few examples. They are valued not only for their ruggedness and reliability but also for their compact size to accommodate applications with space constraints.

Key Functionalities & Environmental Testing Data

As a commercial drop-in equivalent to the MS3116 connector, the AEC 3116 connector meets the same critical functionalities and environmental needs as its MS counterpart. These specifications include tests related to operating temperatures, durability, vibrations and shock.

While the MS3116 connector offers 48-hour salt spray protection with Cadmium Olive Drab plating, the AEC 3116 connector meets 500-hour salt spray protection through our Electro-deposited Olive Drab/Black RoHS plating.

That’s just one advantage that comes with the AEC 3116’s versatility.

The AEC 3116 Connector Saves Costs & Enables Customization

The AEC 3116 connector allows businesses to reach all the essential features and applications of the MS3116 at a lower price point. Commercial equivalents have higher availability, are produced in larger quantities and save on the costs that trickle down from manufacturers to customers for Qualified Products List (QPL) designation. 

With the AEC 3116 connector, engineers also have the ability to provide feedback and make slight dimensional changes to the connector — something that’s not possible with MS parts. 

Say a customer is concerned about damage to wires coming out of the back end of a connector if bent. We could change the dimension of the grommet on the AEC 3116 so the rubber grommet extends slightly out the back end to prevent abrasion. 

There’s also the option to modify the contact size on the AEC 3116. You could, for instance, widen them if you needed to accommodate a slightly larger wire gauge.

Consider a Commercial Equivalent for the MS3116

When you have the option to substitute a MS3116 connector for a commercial equivalent, there’s good incentive to make the switch. The AEC 3116 connector offers all the key benefits of the MS3116, but with better lead times, fewer costs and more customization capability.

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