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Amerline Supports Low-Volume Orders for Wire Harness Manufacturing

Wire harnesses are designed to simplify the organization and protection of electrical cables and wires in vehicles, CNC machines, industrial control panels and more. In some cases, these assemblies are desired in high quantities; other times, low-order volumes are preferable — and when they are, Amerline can accommodate your wire harness manufacturing needs by utilizing our AEC connectors.

Cases When Low-Volumes of Assemblies are Needed

Consider the military, for instance. Before they commit to a program, they often want to send out prototypes of a wire harness assembly for testing.

Or it could be a specialized application, like heavy-duty vehicles. Because the manufacturers are only building a handful of these vehicles due to cost, wire harness assemblies are needed on a smaller scale. This raises an issue if the required circular connectors have a high minimum order quantity (MOQ).

As another example, let’s say you have a manufacturer of electrical equipment that sells to power companies across the U.S. One company might require a pole top application with 30-foot cables, while another company may only need 10-foot cables. Catering to the specialized needs of these companies often leads to lower-volume order quantities.

How Amerline Supports Low-Volume Assembly Orders

At Amerline, we utilize wire harness assemblies in conjunction with connectors from our AEC connector series. This connector series boasts a mix of general-duty and heavy-duty circular connectors that are interchangeable with military-style connectors. Manufactured for environmental resistance, our AEC connectors can be used anywhere from electronic devices that help power military vehicles to electrical systems that support medical equipment. 

The minimum order quantity for our AEC connectors is 25 pieces. That same low minimum is applied to the wire harness assemblies that we produce with our connectors. 

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